Little bit of background

This IS THUMPER! 1967 Fastback Mustang I purchased NEW in Aug of 1967 in San Diego Ca. Pictured is at a small Drag Strip in Alaska.

302 Cubic Inch small block Ford PARTS! Modified of course, but you can see small cubic inches doesnt mean you can not build power, Yes??

This engine was all Iron FORD. Using some of the tricks of the day, and lots of Port work on the 351 Cleveland IRON Heads. ( 351C heads on a 302 W equals a 'Bogus BOSS 302' ) Top Loader 4 speed Transmaission, cause if you arent shifting... You aren't driving. And lots and lots of time spent on R&D to make road tested parts fast and fun!

I have taken the knowledge that I have gained over the course of 50+ years and applied that to making custom parts and road fast mods for all my toys.