BMW Mini Cooper S R53

TPR Heads

TPR-1 Is a ported Head with stock valves size to maintain the low end when you are OFF the boost.. the trip to work, or on the way to Jack's for fish and chips! Usual mods are the exhaust/ pulley/ CAI. This head is perfect for the spirited drive, or the occasional Track day!! MPG actually increases!!!

TPR-2 Suggested Mods 15-19% pulley/ CAI/ exhaust / camshaft and a tune... we have that covered also.. Still not a full on Racer, however like to show the tail lights to others?? Great power mid to top end (where EVER that is...) Higher flowing larger stainless valves with the under cut stems for even more airflow, the Exhaust Valve is INCONEL to take more heat, titanium Retainers and Valve springs for 7250 revs. Custom Bronznaium 90 Guides. Custom Steel Locks. MPG isn’t your bother, being there first is!!

TPR-2R Not just another BVH, this is custom built to your needs. Your rev limitations, and cam lift!! No cookie cutter here!! This HEAD TPR-2R will take all the boost you can stuff in to this little engine!! Deeper port work.. aggressive Throat and Bowl contour and smoothing. Custom Bronzanium 90 Guides, PAC Racing Valve Spring components for 8000+ revs and Camshafts with over .500 lift, Larger Stainless valves , +1.8 mm int, +2.3 INCONEL Exhaust, with the under cut stems and when tied together with the performance valve job with the back cut (more low lift flow). Custom Steel Locks. These heads just flat ROCK!!
Not suggest for the daily drive.. But some do it anyway!!

There is an ADDED core fee on all heads: $500.00  - Happy refunded when a rebuildable head is received wintering 14 days
NOTE: Some Chambers have shown cracks. Refun will be declined if chambers are cracked


  •  - Stock Value size - maintained for increased velocity 

  •  - Ported Intake & Exhaust - Roof re-shaped

  •  - Performance Valve Job

  • - New Valve seals

  • - Custom Bronzamium Guides

  • - Custom Steel Valve Locks

  •  - Max suggested 7200 RPM

  • - $1295.00 ~ Free Shipping in the USA


  • Int. +.5mm Nitrate Coated Valves
    Exh. +1.5mm Inconel Valves

  • - Ported Intake & Exhaust - Roof re-shaped

  • - Throat & Bowl Pocket Ported - runner cross section opened & corrceted

  • - Performance Valve Job w/ Flow-cut

  • - Custom steel Valve Locks

  • - Titanium Retainers

  • - Custom Bronzamium Guides

  • - Custom Steel Valve Locks

  • - Max suggested 7500 RPM

  • - $1695.00 ~ Free Shipping in the USA


  • Int. +1.8mm Stainless Valves
    Exh. +2.3 Inconel Valves

  • - Ported Intake & Exhaust - Roof re-shaped

  • - Throat & Bowl Pocket Ported - runner cross section opened & corrceted

  • - Performance Valve Job w/ Flow-cut

  • - Custom steel Valve Locks

  • - Titanium Retainers

  • - Custom Bronzamium Guides

  • - Custom Steel Valve Locks

  • - Racing PAC Performance Valve Springs

  • -Max suggested 8000+ RPM

  • -Free after season Re-Fresh see note at bottom

  • -Free Custom Phenolic gasket included

  • - $ 1995.00 ~ Free Shipping in the USA

AdjustED Cam Gear

They have been out for the r50/r53s for years. People buy them and install them.. however is the advantage of an adjustable cam gear used on most of those applications?? NO!! Well, Why??

Here are just a few reasons..
1) most enthusiast are not equipt to 'degree the camshaft ' . OHC FWD is hard to do in the car, esp when there are NO visible timing marks on the engine.
2) After they find the Cam Phase ( degree's), then they really have no idea on where to set the camshaft "in" .
3) There are only a few camshafts that actually provide cam profiles ( cam card) to help determine where to set the cam for YOUR application. And with out the Cam Card, the need to 'Degree the camshaft' is paramount.

Why even care?? There has always been more power in any given camshaft, and some Engine Builders use that add'l power to make their engine stronger than their competition. Thru Computer simulation, experience of actually changing the cam phase during events, or during Street applications. This knowledge isnt secret.... but it can be guarded . In our testing we have seen 5-6.5 WHP and 12 FT Lbs torque INCREASE when changing the Cam Phase on most current camshafts.

I now offer the complete setup for you r50/r53. It will add gains to the OEM camshaft installed, or MORE power to the existing Aftermarket Camshaft installed. When you purchase the TPR Ported Head, Camshaft, and Cam gear.. You will receive the combination set up AND adjusted to YOUR Needs. ( Street - Aggressive Street- Weekend Track- Full track)
When you purchase the ADJUSTED Cam Gear, we will degree it to your camshaft to obtain even MORE power.. THEN it is a true bolt on Perfromance Mod, not just another bit.

AdjustED Cam Gear

  • Dialed in horse power

  • Drop in replacement 

  • Increased MPG

  • Increased torque

  • - $245.00 ~ Free Shipping in the USA

TPR Performance Spring Kit

Higher reving PAC Conical Performance Springs w/Titanium retainers

TPR Performance Sping Kit

  • Light weight Titanium retainers

  • +8000 RPM

  • Over .550” lift !!!

  • Conical Performance Springs

  • -$345.00 Free Shipping in the USA

Ported Intake Manifold

The Interface from the intake manifold to the ported Head is now a restriction. We have seen good HP/Tq numbers by smoothing that transition.

The Ported Intake Manifold in the r53 are no longer a bottle neck in the run for POWER!

Ported Intake

  • Port matched 

  • Smooth transition from intake to head

  • better air flow

  • more air means more room to tune

  • -$275 Free Shipping in the USA

Phenolic Intake Gasket

Phenolic Intake Manifold Kits are affordable. These kits are CNC-machined from a phenolic fiber material that increases power by dramatically reducing the transfer of heat from the intake manifold which produces lower inlet air temperatures for more horsepower, allowing for increased timing with less detonation. 

Phenolic Gasket

  • Bolt-on horse power

  • port matched

  • reduced heat soak

  • Lower inlet air temps

  • -$35.00 Free Shipping in the USA


REFUNDABLE Core fee added are the following: Head ( r50/r52/r53 ) $500.00,  Intake Manifold added: $150.00 !! ALL core fees are happily refunded when your good core is received with in the proper time period.

NOTE: When purchasing any Head Combination. The TOTAL Refundable CORE fee will be only $550.00. Regardless on the Core Fees required for the other bits! Posted Jan 2012

NOTE: FREE after Season "re-Fresh" for the TPR2r is end of one season or 1 year max and includes disassembly-clean-Inspect and tech. Valve Train-reset/lap Performance Valve Job-Surface flat- assemble. Any Shipping and any parts needed will be cost to customer.

If you are looking to have V8 Cylinder Heads Ported email me'

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